This week we would like you to introduce you an elegant soft drink, the famous Cucumis- not just for cucumber lovers!! Two masterminds, Vasco Kulke and Till Fischer-Bergst created Germany’s first soft drink, based on cucumber, lavender and chamomile. These innovative lemonades are being made in one of the most sustainable manufactures in Germany and only include the best ingredients. They are delicious on their own, or perfect for your gin or vodka tonic.

Cucumis cucumber: This sparkling drink consists of cucumber juice, fructose, spring water and a touch of basil. Since cucumber has been a vital component in every bar, it is no wonder that after releasing it, Cucumis cucumber quickly became popular among hobby and professional bartenders. And it is vegan too.

Cucumis lavendel: Cucumis Lavendel presents an aroma of ripe lavender blossoms and is refined with a hint of bergamot. They added high quality mineral water from the Auburg spring. The result is a delicious, beautiful purple thirst quencher. And also vegan.

Cucumis chamomile: Do you love chamomile thee with a hint of honey? Then this is definitely worth trying out. Organic chamomile thee, combined with spring water and a touch of honey. Biological and super duper healthy! Best enjoyed ice cold.

To put the cherry on top- they happen to be on sale this month in our shop – for 1,25 Euro per bottle.
Hope you will enjoy them as much as we do!

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