NEW in our shop!! Kumasi, a drink from the juice of the cacao fruit..

sparkling and non-sparkling variety

Talking about unique soda’s- this definitely takes the palm.

Kumasi is a drink made of the juice of the cacao fruit. (Yes, cacao or cocoa is a fruit of the cacao tree.!) The fruit consists of the bean and a surrounding pulp which is delicious and taste like a mix of lychee, mango and white peach. When making commercial chocolate, they usually discard the pulp and only use the beans.

While making friends and a documentary about the cacao industry in West-Africa, the founders came up with an idea of a drink that would help out farmers and prevent the pulp to go to waste. Using the juice of the pulp ended up in a delicious drink plus increased the farmers income up to 30%! 

The cherry on top is that the drink has only two ingredients: juice and water. So what not to love?💖

Ps: You can watch the documentary here: