We have decided to provide you with a little more information about our drinks. We are grateful to work with so many amazing companies and products and we would like you to also get to know them better. We are going to introduce one beer/cider and one lemonade each week. Hope you will like it!

Our first pick is Brewdog. This brewery was born in Scotland in 2007. Two young guys got bored of the industrially brewed beer and started to make their own. With minimal resources but with great passion they sold their hand-bottled beer at the local market. By the 2nd year they became Scotland’s largest independent brewery. In the coming years they built their own eco brewery, made the world’s strongest beers (32 and 55%!!!), brewed a beer at the bottom of the ocean and picked up a gold medal for Hardcore IPA at the World Beer Cup. In their eco breweries (in Scotland and Ohio) they utilise wild yeasts and microbes from the environment and using wooden vessels to mature beers until they reach perfection. Besides that the beer is much more flavourful, their Punk Ipa for example matures three weeks, instead of one, and they use 2 times more malted barley and 60 times more hops compared to an average beer.
Brew dog spread their love for craft beers worldwide including America, Japan, Europe and Australia. As a bonus all their beers are vegan. Ditch the mainstream beers and say hello to Brewdog!

In our current assortiment:

PUNK IPA- Post Modern Classic. The beer they got famous for. Its a hoppy, strong beer, with a bit of tropical flavor and a bitter finish. Alc. vol.: 5,6 %

5 AM SAINT- American Red Ale. It is crafted with 5 different malts resulted a malty and fruity beer. Alc. vol.: 5%

JACK HAMMER- Ruthless India Pale Ale. It is beer for people who can take the bitter side of life. True to its name. Bitter, powerful and hoppy. Let yourself be kicked by Jack if you dare! Alc. vol.: 7,2%

VAGABOND GLUTEN FREE- American Pale Ale with a full hoppy flavor which happens to be gluten free too. Alc. vol.: 4,5%

ELVIS JUICE- a flavoursome Grapefruit Infused Ipa, with a caramel malt base, and loads of grapefruit and orange peel. Alc. vol.: 6,5%

DEAD PONY CLUB- Session Pale Ale. Inspired the US-Style pale ales. It is crafted from huge amount hops, delivering the refreshing aromas of lemongrass and lime zest. Take the trip to the hop-heavy west-coast wonderland! By the way do not worry, no ponies died in the process. Alc. vol.: 3,8%

NANNY STATE- Low-alcohol Hoppy Ale. Prepared with barley, wheat, rye, yeast and hops. Explosive hoppy flavour. Because low-alcohol beers don’t need to be a compromise. Alc. vol.: 0,5%

MAKE EARTH GREAT AGAIN- Imperial saison with spiced orange, nutmeg, clove and caramelized banana. Small batched beer, only for a limited time. This is Brewdog’s take on climate change. It is brewed with water from melted polar ice caps and cloudberries from the threatened Arctic. All proceeds are donated to a charity organization called 10:10, which runs positive and practical projects to tackle climate change and make the Earth great again. Let’s do it! Alc. vol.: 7,5%

Stay tuned for more!

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