Passion Mama Lemonade can 330ml


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The lovely Matrioska smiles and winks at you and finally with the hissing opening of the can you will find out why.

If you want to create a lemonade you love, you should stick to your taste – exactly this is what has been done with Passion Mama. Despite the current high prices for organic maracuja's the brand has created a fruity sparkling lemonade by combining the most expensive fruit in the world with sun-kissed oranges and a shot of lime for an unbeatable freshness kick. The exotic taste explosion is not only the right thing for organic lemonade fans, but will also put a huge smile in your face – just as much as the sympathetic Matryoshka on the can.
Passion Mama is made exclusively from high-quality and organically grow ingredients. It tastes wonderful ice-cold as a tasteful lemonade or as a mixer for your favourite vodka or gin.




330 ml






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